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Far-Western University Bajura Campus


Since2075 B. S., the campus has been running as a constituent campus of Far WesternUniversity as the contemporary government approved policy of Far Western Universityto make fifteen campuses constituent ones established in Far Western Region.This sort of achievement is also output of the above-mentioned stakeholders andthe policy of the campus. It makes us somehow easy to manage economic and academicproblems. It is really remarkable effort of the government, the university andthe stakeholders of Bajura Campus for the sustainable development of thecampus.


            Bajura Campus has started its journeyof higher education having the affiliation of education faculty usinginfrastructure and man power of Malika Higher Secondary school 2063 B.S. Now,the campus is independently situated in the northern area of Martadi Bazar. Thecampus has also been running management and humanities and Social Sciencesfaculties these days. Teaching-learning activities have been running hiringexperienced subject-wise lecturers. In addition, the facility of hostel,computer class, occasional guest lecturing by reputed and distinguished invited personnel from various fieldsand extra-curricular activities are other facilities that are being deliveredfor all-round development of the students. The campus has been runningdifferent educational programmes with student friendly and psychologicalenvironment using limited tools and resources to ensure quality education asper the whim of 21st century education. The campus is an important destinationof higher education for the students of Bajura and neighbouring districts. Thatis why this campus has been playing significant role to facilitate the excess ofhigher education to the educationally backward people of the area.