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Dear Students, Parents and Well-wishers, Bajura Campus was established in 2063 B. S. as an affiliated campus of Tribhuvan University with remarkable contribution and joint effort of politicians, social activists, educators, teachers, staffs, students, donor agencies and other stakeholders. Later, campus management committees and above-mentioned stakeholders have continuously played their contributive role to establish the campus as a destination of higher education regardless the contemporary challenges. Establishment of social organization is the output of the joint effort of the people from diverse background which is proved to establish and run our campus. I am very grateful to all of those people who played their contributive effort for the establishment of the campus. Since 2075 B. S., the campus has been running as a constituent campus of Far Western University as the contemporary government approved policy of Far Western University to make fifteen campuses constituent ones established in Far Western Region. This sort of achievement is also output of the above-mentioned stakeholders and the policy of the campus. It makes us somehow easy to manage economic and academic problems. I heartily salute to the initiators of this policy for the sustainable development of higher institutions especially established in rural areas. We have been administering well designed educational programs in academic environment to fulfill students’ quest for knowledge and pragmatic skills by involving them in course works and practical activities. Our main moto is to deliver quality education by means of the running academic programs and courses to qualify the students in the existing global setting. Now, we have been running a four-year Bachelor of Education, four-year Bachelor of Arts, four-year Bachelor of Business Studies programs in bachelor level and two-year Master’s Degree programs in Rural Development, Nepali Education and Curriculum Development and Leadership subjects. In addition, we are planning to launch some new subjects and academic programs like Bachelor of Education in Computer Science and Information Technology. We try to maintain student friendly academic environment for our students’ broad intellectual growth and quality education. We also take pride in supporting our students during their academic period to achieve golden goals of their life as well as after their graduation if they seek guidance and counselling from our faculties and staffs. As our teaching learning activities have been running smoothly and effectively, we are planning to make the campus as an academic research centre with proper planning and management of the available resources, faculty and staff for the academic enhancement. Moreover, the campus has already started its journey of Quality Assurance Accreditation (QAA) under the facilitation of University Grants Commission to make the campus internationally recognized institution for quality education. In addition, all the information and academic efforts of the campus can be acquired from our official website for more detail. Finally, as campus chief, I am very thankful to all the stakeholders, political leaders and well-wishers for their contribution to achieve the present status of the campus. I would heartily welcome and seek their suggestions and recommendation, cooperation, contribution and participation continuously for the further institutional enhancement. Suresh Prasad Pandit Campus Chief